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Maskking Launches New Summer Vape - Super CC

Upload time:2022-06-09| Author:Maskking


Never resting on its laurels, Maskking is constantly developing new vaping solutions, and working on new devices that allow people to enjoy a healthier lifestyle with no smoking.


Introducing the new Super CC disposable vape to freshen up your summer!

The Super CC is large capacity vaporizer able to provide more than 2500 puffs, and available in 16 different flavors and colors.


With a focus on iced and fruity cocktail flavors, the Super CC is the perfect “pocket refreshment” that will perfectly fit in your pocket for you to enjoy anywhere, anytime. 

SUPER CC High Res(1).jpg

Ice Mango, Ice Cherry, Cool Mint, Mojito, Pineapple Grapefruit, Ice Passion Fruit and many more are some of the carefully selected flavors available with the Super CC.


The device comes equipped with a large capacity 1500mAh battery and 8.5ml of rich and tasty e-juice. This combination, plus innovative mesh coil technology allows the Super CC to provide over 2500 puffs as mentioned, but also big dense clouds and a fragrant rich flavor.


 The device’s external design is simple, yet sturdy, bold and unique. All while also being extremely comfortable to hold, and carry.


Maskking is a global leading brand specializing in the disposable electronic cigarette market, its mission is to provide more convenient, delicious, safer, and economic e-cigarette products for those who want to quit smoking or reduce nicotine intake


Maskking recently launched a campaign to combat counterfeits to protect the rights and health of customers, Cooperating with police to shut down counterfeit factories and seize fakes. retailers and consumers can verify the Super CC authenticity through www.maskkingvape.com.


The Super CC is available in select markets worldwide, however, Maskking is open to widening its global distribution network. Reach out to us.


If you have any questions or feedback, please contact and visit us at:


Official Website:  https://www.maskkingvape.com/.


Official Instagram: maskkingbrand_official


By e-mail :  market02@maskking.net

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