According to generally accepted definitions in Wikipedia, “An electronic cigarette is an electronic device that simulates tobacco smoking. It consists of an atomizer, a power source such as a battery, and a container such as a cartridge or tank. Instead of smoke, the user inhales aerosol. As such, using an e-cigarette is often called ‘vaping’. The atomizer is a heating element that atomizes a liquid solution called e-liquid. E-cigarettes are activated by taking a puff or pressing a button. Some look like traditional cigarettes, and most versions are reusable.”




What are the most common features of a Maskking disposable vape?

.Draw-activated, button-free design - pick-up and use immediately

.Completely sealed device, cannot be disassembled, preventing leakages

.Closed pod system, nonrefillable tank - no risk of improperly filling or reinstalling

.Like other vape kits, Maskking ones consist of a few core components; a battery, a tank, and a coil

Burnt taste detected. Possible causes and solutions

.You have depleted the device’s liquid supply. If it is  a disposable device, you can now appropriately throw it away.

.Don’t vape while charging the device

.Pace your vaping. You might be vaping too quickly

What to do if the device gets too hot?

.Pace your vaping. You might be vaping too quickly and overwhelming the device.

Please take a break and let the device cool for at least 15 minutes, without use.

.If the temperature of the device remains too hot, there might be an issue with the battery. Please contact your Maskking supplier, and in the meantime, keep the device in a safe place.

Vape is leaking

.Pace your vaping. You might be vaping too quickly

.Your vape is being held or used in a bad angle

.Don’t use your vape while it’s charging.

Light Indicators not working correctly

.If the LED lights are not working correctly during your first attempts at using the device, please contact your local supplier/seller to report the issue.

.If the lights stopped working correctly after using the device for a long time, it’s probably because the battery is empty or close to being empty. If you’re using a disposable device (unable to be recharged), please dispose of it safely and appropriately.

LED lights meaning

.Constant light: device is active

.Blinking light: low battery 

How long will the battery of my disposable Maskking last?

.Battery capacity across different vapes vary. Please check individual model’s information and specs in our website.

.Depending on the user’s own usage of the device, a battery’s effective lifetime may vary.


How to safely maintain your Maskking device 

.When not in use, keep your vape in a dry area, avoiding strong heat sources and/or humidity.

.Do not place your vape on top of other electronic devices.

.Do not place heavy objects on top of your vape - do not compromise the structural integrity of the device.

.Do not immerse your vape in any liquid

.If you drop your vape and/or it suffers a high impact hit, inspect its exterior for any potential damage or possible leaking before using it again.


How do I dispose of a Maskking device?

Maskking vapes are disposable devices, not meant to last beyond their useful lifespan as non-rechargeable vapes.
Once no longer usable, make sure to follow the best recommendations and regulations from your area on how to dispose of a device with a battery in it.


Is vaping safer than smoking cigarettes?

The general scientific consensus based on most pier-reviewed studies indicates that vaping is substantially less armful than smoking traditional cigarettes.  

For active smokers in particular, transitioning into vaping as a way to cut out cigarettes and improving one’s health can be seen as an appropriate path.

Check with your doctor for professional guidance if you have any health concerns or doubts.


Who shouldn’t vape?

.People with any medical condition should check with their doctors before vaping.

.Children and underage individuals (according to local regulations) shouldn’t purchase or use vape products.

.Pregnant people should avoid any kind of vaping use, as it can be damaging for the fetus. Avoid using during the breast-feeding period as well.



How can I verify if my Maskking device is authentic?

Every Maskking package includes an authenticity QR code on its external side or back. Please use a QR code scanner (usually with a smartphone) to scan the code and follow the instructions on your screen.

For more info about our authentication system, please check here. 



Can I buy Maskking vapes directly from your website?

Check with local suppliers and sellers in your area for available selling spots. We do not sell Maskking vapes online.


How can I become Maskking distributor?

If you want to become our distributor, please contact our sales team email: info@maskking.net. Our sales team will reach out to you, and help you with your business once we receive your email.


Please contact your local supplier/seller of Maskking products if you have any other issues with the products.

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