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Maskking’s Fight Against Counterfeits - What You Need To Know

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How to Spot a Fake Vape & Avoid Maskking Counterfeits?

Over the past decade the dangerous and illegal market of counterfeits has been plaguing vaping supplies worldwide. Maskking, due to its popularity, is unfortunately not immune to this phenomenon, and has been working very closely with authorities to tackle the issue.


Scenes of a police raid at an illegal counterfeit operation. Fake products are confiscated,

                                                                                       and those responsible arrested.

Together with local government authorities in China, Maskking has been keeping track of counterfeits at its source, and acting accordingly. Police raids and seizures have been executed at these illegal factories.


Counterfeit vapes constitute a great threat to the safety and health of consumers, which is why Maskking goes to great lengths to make sure consumers buy legitimate products, and provides tools and guidance for people to check their products authenticity.


Using Maskkings New Anti-Counterfeiting System 


When buying a Maskking device, make sure to scan the QR code in its box with your phone. A real product will direct you to a verification page displaying if your product is legitimate or not. If the result is negative, or if the scanned code directs you to any other online destination, immediately return the device and get a refund from the original point of sale. 

                                                 Why we should avoid illegal counterfeits 

1. Sanitary Conditions 


Counterfeits: Counterfeiters operate in locations that don’t respect minimal health-safety regulations. Products are contaminated by poorly kept and dirty surroundings.
Workers don’t have the required experience to produce good products, and the entire operation is a huge safety hazard for those involved, and around them.


Maskking: Pristine workshops to ensure that all products are made to the highest standards. Inspections happen regularly, and all operations abide to strict regulations and laws. All workers have the proper training and, and up-to-date medical certificates.  


2.Terrible Product Experience


Short Product Life-Span  

Counterfeits: The source of fake e-juices in fake products is of unknown origin!

The juice tank of a counterfeit vape barely has any e-juice. The cotton can easily dry after a few puffs, compromising the taste and completely ruining the consumer’s experience. Worse of all, after drying up, it can produce carcinogens that can cause irreversible damage to the user’s health. 


Maskking: Full of safe and high-quality e-juice. There’s a surplus of juice in all Maskking vapes, ensuring that the taste remains the same from the first to the last puff.


3.Cheap and dangerous e-cigarette parts


The Battery

Counterfeits: Counterfeit products use smaller capacity, unregulated batteries. The exact battery capacity can actually be much smaller than the number indicated in the part. It will run out very shortly after the first use.


Maskking:  Real Maskking vapes is use high-quality batteries that have the exact capacity as indicated in the label. The user’s experience is perfect from start to finish.


The  counterfeits’  unregulated so-called 950mAh battery is much smaller that it claims. It will run out shortly after its user starts using it.  Instead, the real products of the Maskking GT.S Series use high-quality big batteries of 1500mAh. The users don’t need to worry about power running out too quickly, and can just enjoy their moment. 

The Coil


Counterfeits: The coil is made of inflammable cheap materials that can very easily ignite, causing fires and injury. Furthermore, due to its poor quality and performance, it can not produce dense clouds while working, and can not fulfill the necessary chemical reactions to produce the desired flavor that users expect. 

Maskking: Mesh stainless steel coil uses safe solid-state materials. It guarantees the safety of users, and produces dense and long-lasting  clouds while working. It perfectly processes the taste of the flavors inside the device, delivering exactly what consumers want and love.



 4. Poor  flavor and spoiled experience for consumers


Counterfeits: The e-juice and parts used for fakes are of very poor quality, and possibly dangerous. The bad taste coming out these vapes is obvious.

Maskking: Maskking uses high-quality materials and parts. The final taste and experience is as advertised.


5. Unidentified chemicals harm users health  


Counterfeits: Unidentified and unqualified chemicals used in fake products are harmful to the health of users.

Maskking:  Sourced from high-quality materials, certified, tested and verified. Elaborately selected raw materials from long-term cooperations with famous global partners, such as Glycerin from P&G, Flavorings from Givaudan, Propylene Glycol from DOW, and others.  


6. Unexpected Dangers


Counterfeits: Due to their poor quality, there is a risk of batteries exploding, chemicals leaking, poisoning of users, damage to stockpiles, damage to stores and warehouses.

Maskking: Strict raw material testing, production testing , outgoing inspections, international certificates. Top international standards. Maskking has obtained industry authoritative certifications including CE, Rosh, FCC, MSDS.


How to Spot a Fake Vape & Avoid Maskking Counterfeits


1. Packaging


Following are some comparison shots of a legitimate Maskking product package, and a fake one. Notice the variations in color, materials and design:


The real Maskking’s verification code, as opposed to a fake copy, without. 


Notice the difference in coloring for the package, as well as disparaging nicotine levels.


Protective top plastic cap. The counterfeit uses a lesser material, transparent. Maskking uses a distinctively opaque one.



Contact Maskking’s official customer service centre


If you have any questions or feedback, please contact your local Maskking distributor, or visit us at:

Official Website:  https://www.maskkingvape.com/.

Official Instagram: maskkingbrand_official

By Email :  market02@maskking.net


Final Notice:

Maskking main priorities are to provide a healthier and safe alternative to traditional smoking. We go to great lengths in our R&D, and production of our products to ensure we deliver under the highest standards we can reach.

Counterfeiters don’t stop at the packaging. They produce lesser versions of Maskking vapes all the way down to its components, using low-quality and dangerous materials and parts that actively threaten the safety and health of anyone using them!



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