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Maskking is the new era of e-cigarettes in the world. Compact, handy and very easy to use devices, have won the sympathy of tens of thousands of people.

It all began in 2003, when in Hong Kong developer Hong Leek began to work on the creation of a unique electronic cigarette. With his invention he wanted to help mankind abandon the tobacco addiction caused by regular cigarettes. Thus appeared the device based on an autonomous power supply and vaporizer system, generating nicotine vapor from glycerine liquid. Within a year after the start of the project, the company where the developer worked produced the first e-cigarette.

It is no exaggeration to call Hong Leek the father of vaping. Unknowingly, he completely changed the history of e-cigarettes in the world. His invention became something radically different and innovative, later gaining mass acceptance.

The main idea of the appearance of Maskking was to combine in a small device maximum comfort and pleasure. This is modern technology, thought-out to the details of the body, compact disposable electronic cigarettes that do not require recharging and cartridge changes. And the variety of flavors will satisfy even the most demanding: from classic tobacco flavors for conservatives to exotic mango with ice for those who like to experiment.

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