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E-cigarette Regulations And Trends Around The World

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With the development of the vape industry, regulations and policies of various countries on e-cigarettes are also constantly changing. 

Regulations of electronic cigarettes varies across countries, ranging from full regulations, to no regulation, to banning them entirely. In the UK, vaping is encouraged by the government because the British government believes that e-cigarettes can effectively reduce the smoking population and protect public health. In regions like the U.S, Canada, and the European Union, you can legally use and sell e-cigarettes but they will be strictly controlled, including strict registration process and flavor ban, which is believed might encourage people back into cigarettes. Also, there are still some countries without specific laws regarding e-cigarettes, which means e-cigarettes are not regulated. Conversely, in some countries such as Thailand and Iran, e-cigarettes are completely banned by the government.

As one of the leading brands in disposable e-cigarettes, Maskking has always complied with the latest laws and regulations of various countries and also manufactures products with excellent quality and flavors for our customers. Let’s take a closer look at the massive amount of attention e-cigarettes have received, and legislation around the world. 


Countries with regulated vape markets

USA: All vape manufacturers have to pass Premarket Tobacco Applications (PMTAs) if they want to launch a new product in the USA since 2020. The result is obvious, it can effectively regulate and supervise the electronic cigarette market, but it will destroy all small companies with great probability because they cannot afford high processing fees.

Canada: The law allows the sale of e-cigarettes provided that they meet certain criteria, including but not limited to consumer safety, packaging and labeling, and other requirements established under the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act. Some sub-national jurisdictions have more restrictions on sales than the federal level.

Paraguay: The sale of e-cigarettes is allowed subject to provisions including product registration, location-based sales restrictions, a minimum sales age, and a prohibition on any sales which are not direct and face-to-face.

Uzbekistan: Legal for sale and use.

Estonia: The sale of e-cigarettes is allowed subject to location-based sales restrictions, product notification requirements, and a minimum sales age.

New Zealand: Legal to use and sell.

Philippines: The sale of e-cigarettes is allowed subject to an FDA license. Sales of e-cigarettes are subject to a number of restrictions including location-based sales, a minimum sales age of 21, and retail licenses. Beginning in May 2022, the law will prohibit all flavors except plain tobacco and plain menthol.

Russia: e-cigs fall into same regulation as all tobacco and nicotine-containing-products.

United Arab Emirates: Legal to use and sell. The sale of e-cigarettes is allowed subject to restrictions including product standards and restrictions on contents.

Chile: Legal to use, legal to sell only with medical license (no legally traded brands in Chile).

Kyrgyzstan: Regulated as tobacco product (under legislative process / Unclear)

South Korea: Sale, use and distribution legal. No restrictions for nicotine-free vapes.

Latvia: Legal to use, legal to sell.


Countries that ban vaping product sales or use

Mexico: The law prohibits the trade, sale, distribution, importation and exportation of any object that resembles tobacco but is not tobacco. The retail sale of e-cigarettes is prohibited under this law. However, numerous court decisions permitted certain retailers to sell e-cigarettes. Aside from these retailers, the ban is still in effect.

Brazil: Legal to use, illegal to sell and distribute. However, e-cigs are widely available anyway.

Colombia: The sale and advertising of vaping products is banned.

Iran: Production, distribution, supply, and consumption of e-cigarettes is banned.

Argentina: Sale, importation and manufacturing is banned.

Japan: Nicotine-Free e-cigarettes are not regulated (allowed). Nicotine e-cigarettes are banned (allowed as medical products). No nicotine-based e-cigs brands sold in Japan.

Thailand: Legal to use, illegal to sell, import, manufacture.

Malaysia: Legal to use, illegal to sell (completely banned in 5 states).


Countries without specific laws regarding e-cigarettes

Unregulated (Allowed): Pakistan, Bolivia, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Peru, Ukraine

Vietnam: The sale of e-cigarettes is not regulated; therefore, the sale of e-cigarettes is allowed. However, Vietnam Tobacco Corporation (VINATABA) is the only corporation allowed to import e-cigarettes.

Maskking has always applied high standards towards raw materials to comply with the laws and regulations of various regions. Also, Maskking has obtained the most crucial certifications and qualifications for distribution, including CE, FCC Rosh, and MSDS which will help Maskking products access different markets legally.

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As for the packaging, Massking has designed a brand new package that includes comprehensive warning information, ingredients content, nicotine content, production date, and manufacturer information to ensure compliance with local government regulations.

According to different market regulations, our R&D team developed products with 0mg, 20mg, 30mg, 40mg, and 50mg nicotine content which preserve the original Maskking products flavor.

As a pioneer, Maskking has witnessed the changes and development of China's electronic cigarette industry. After eight years of hard-working, Maskking has now entered its stable growth period. In the future, with the gradual improvement and maturity of the electronic cigarette market, Maskking will continue to lead the trend of disposable electronic cigarettes and bring customers the best quality products.

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