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Disposable Vapes Lead Industry’s Growth

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E-cigarettes represent one of the fastest-growing industries in the world during the last decade. From its start as a novelty gadget, e-cigs and vapes have become a juggernaut that has forced the traditional tobacco industry to spend millions lobbying to attempt to delay its advance, and has moved nations across the globe to enact new laws and regulations to keep these new products in check, and safe to use.

Exponential Growth


By early 2022, the global e-cigarette industry was already worth around USD 20 billion, and most forecasts indicate an annual growth of around 30% until 2030, at least. The industry will be worth more than USD 100 billion very soon.


However, to fully comprehend the growth of vaping as an industry, it’s important to understand the different segments of devices available on the market. Not all vapes are the same. From e-cigarette pens, to rechargeable vapes, vape pods, shisha kits, squonk mods, HTPs (Heated Tobacco Products) like the popular IQOS, disposable vapes, and more. If anything, for a new user, it might feel overwhelming to decide where to start.


As an introduction to vaping, it’s fair to say that disposable vapes are the easiest and simplest entry-point available. Consequentially, disposable vapes also represent the fastest growing segment of vaping. Due to their easy to pick-up-and-use nature, disposables are an excellent choice for most people trying to quit smoking or finding an healthier alternative to smoking.


In the USA alone, disposable vape sales have more than doubled between 2019 and 2021, and in the UK, some sellers have experienced a growth of almost 300% from Q3 to Q4 in 2021

disposable sales growth.png

Why are Disposables so Successful?


The reasons for the success of disposable vapes are several. As mentioned, they are easy to use. Disposable vapes require no preparation before use, neither do they need any kind of maintenance during their useful lifespan. They are generally one-bodied objects, with no buttons or complex interfaces. The user simply needs to pick one up, use the mouth-piece, and puff away.

Besides, due to their disposable nature, these types of vapes tend to be individually much cheaper than other more complex devices.

Convenience is another factor. Some of the smallest vapes available on the market are disposable. Requiring less parts to work, manufactures have much more freedom to design and develop a wider range of vapes, mostly dependent on the battery and e-juice tank capacity. Small disposable vapes are very easy to carry for daily use, and can be more discreet for public use.


Maskking range of products strongly focus on disposable vapes, catering to different kinds of users, and for different occasions. Excellent build quality, a vast variety of flavors, and high capacity vapes are just some of the highlights that differentiate Maskking from all the rest.



More importantly, Maskking’s different models provide different options to help people to more effectively reduce or quit smoking. 

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