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Maskking New Product Robo Prefilled Pod Kit: Unlock the Full Potential

Upload time:2023-12-11| Author:Maskking

Amidst the ever-evolving landscape of vaping, the Maskking Robo Prefilled Pod Kit commands attention as a beacon of innovation. This cutting-edge device is not just about puffing clouds; it's a blend of user-friendly features, environmental responsibility, and an exceptional vaping experience. 

Replaceable Prefilled Pod: Taste Redefined, Waste Reduced

The heart of the Robo Prefilled Pod Kit lies in its replaceable prefilled 15ml e-liquid pod. Offering an unparalleled taste from the first to the last puff, this pod revolutionizes your vaping experience. What sets it apart is its replaceability, enhancing cost-effectiveness and reducing waste. Now, you can effortlessly share your favorite flavor with friends without any hassle.




Puffs: 7500

Battery Capacity: 600mAh (Type-C)

E-juice Capacity: 15ml

Nicotine: 2% & 5%

Resistance: 1.0Ω

Size: 92*44.6*22.55 mm

Weight: 67g

Child Safety Lock: Putting Safety First

Safety is a paramount concern, and the Robo Kit incorporates a child safety lock. By pressing the button five times within five seconds, you can effortlessly turn the device on and off. Additionally, the device automatically turns off if left standing for 10 minutes, ensuring peace of mind.

Fully Upgraded Mesh Coil: A Taste Sensation

The Robo Kit boasts a fully upgraded mesh coil that transcends expectations. This coil not only delivers a fresher, stronger, and purer taste but maintains this flavor consistency from the initial puff to the last, providing an extraordinary vaping experience.

Environmentally Friendly Battery Design: Sustainability in Action

Conscious of environmental impact, Maskking takes a leap towards sustainability with the Robo Kit. The battery design allows easy disassembly, promoting the safe and sustainable recycling or disposal of vape devices.

The replaceable battery ensures reduced environmental impact by facilitating recycling, reducing the overall vaping waste footprint.

Package Options: Choices Tailored to You

The Maskking Robo Prefilled Pod Kit offers three package options, separate 600mAh battery, 
7500 puff Robo prefilled pod, and Robo Prefilled Pod Kit.

How to Use Maskking Robo Prefilled Pod Kit

Using the Robo Kit is a breeze:

1. Tear off the sticker


2. Combine the pod and the battery.



How to Disassemble the Battery of Maskking Robo Prefilled Pod Kit

Push the bottom of the battery to disassemble.

Child Safety Lock Instructions: A Further Layer of Protection

Press the button five times in five seconds to turn the device on and off.


In conclusion, the Maskking Robo Prefilled Pod Kit is more than just a replacement pod device; it's a commitment to enhancing your vaping experience while being environmentally responsible. Unlock the full potential of your vaping journey with Robo, where innovation meets sustainability.

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