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Poland to Ban Disposable Vape

Upload time:2024-02-19| Author:Maskking

Wojciech Konieczny, Poland's Undersecretary of Health, recently announced plans to potentially prohibit the sale of disposable e-cigarettes in the coming months, aiming for implementation before the summer break, as reported by the Polish news outlet ESKA on February 17th. Konieczny stressed his full support for a complete ban on these products.


Konieczny indicated that the ban could come into effect within the next few months, ideally before summer vacation. He cited data showing increased usage of disposable e-cigarettes during summer holidays, particularly among young people, due to their popularity and affordability.


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He also highlighted the allure of these devices, appealing to users through their visual aesthetics, scent, and flavors. Despite their perceived coolness, he underscored their addictive nature and significant health risks, especially among the youth.


Expressing concerns about potential loopholes, Konieczny asserted that a strict ban is necessary to prevent manufacturers from circumventing regulations. He advocated for comprehensive legislation addressing other tobacco-related issues alongside the ban on disposable e-cigarettes.


Echoing Konieczny's sentiments, Health Minister Izabela Leszczyna confirmed the government's efforts in regulating disposable e-cigarettes, expressing her intention to push for a ban on their sale. She emphasized the urgency of this measure to mitigate the adverse effects of e-cigarette consumption.


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