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What Makes Mint Vape Different from Menthol?

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When the weather is warm, and you need something to cool and refresh you, nothing beats inhaling a cool vapor from a menthol or mint-flavored vape juice. But what's the difference between a mint disposable vape and a menthol disposable vape?

What is mint?


The mint family is a class of plants that typically grow in the form of herbs. Commonly known for its use in cooking, some other notable members of this plant family are wintergreen, lavender, peppermint, and spearmint. These plants are often distilled into essential oils, which can be used for various applications.


What is menthol?


In contrast to mint, menthol is an extracted chemical compound found in the mint plant family. Its icy sensation and cooling effects have made it a beloved addition to a range of products, including over-the-counter cold medicines and health and beauty items. In other words, menthol is generally separated and obtained from certain types of mint plants.


How does a mint disposable vape differ from a menthol disposable vape?


To put it simply, mint has an identifiable flavor, while menthol adds a refreshing coolness with no discernible taste. Adding mint to a vape juice can help enhance its savoriness while providing a refreshing note of tang. When combined with nicotine salt, the taste of the mint can become more pronounced depending on the wattage and coil resistance of one's vape device. While not as strong as menthol, mint is still notable and enjoyable as a flavor.


Meanwhile, menthol provides a cool sensation that passes through the mouth, throat, and lungs upon exhale, making for an invigorating and pleasurable vaping experience. The throat hit that comes from combining menthol flavor and nicotine salt is even more remarkable, resulting in many vapers seeking this feeling out specifically.


Whether you want a mint disposable vape or a menthol disposable vape, you will find the perfect one for your needs at Maskking. With our wide selection of juices and devices, you'll be sure to find what you're looking for. Give us a try today!


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