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Looking for Easy-to-Use Flavoured Vapes?

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Sept’22: On the Maskking website, find compact, flavored disposable vapes that come in flavors ranging from traditional tobacco to exotic mango ice. They have launched a brand-new range of vapes in unique design & style. Browse through their website now.


The first vaping experience for the curious and the daring should include refreshing flavors and cool graphics. Whether you are trying vaping for the first time or you simply want to experience new flavors, Maskking has you covered. By visiting their website, visitors can find a wide range of flavored vapes- right from Banana Ice vape, Strawberry Lychee vape, Blood Orange vape, and much more.


Recently, Maskking has launched vapes offering a unique design, style, and experience. Various flavors in Pen X & Pen Y, Aroma, Evo Box, and Eco Ammo are available through market distributors worldwide. This sleek and modern range is easy to carry and provides a content feeling with each inhalation. The Pen X & Pen V series also has child resistant function and offers over 600 puffs. Those who cannot go without vaping can invest in the Aroma series, which offers 6000 puffs. These vapes come in soothing colors like icy blue and pastel, with hints of lemongrass. 


Furthermore, if you are searching for a handy rechargeable mouthpiece - to carry in your pocket, then you can check Evo Box & Eco-Ammo series on their website. The flavored vapes that are available have an elegant design and offer 5000 plus puffs. Because of the rechargeable function, you can enjoy your favorite flavors much longer. For the environmentally conscious, you can lean towards Eco-Ammo, an environment-friendly vape. The Eco Ammo vape has a removable battery, which is why- it helps reduce the waste of disposable batteries and protect the environment. 


So, don’t wait now! Explore more at Maskking. You can learn more about these new launches at https://www.maskkingvape.com/products.html. Visit now for more details.


Company Overview:

Maskking is a leading brand that offers maximum comfort and pleasure packed in a small device. Their disposable electronic cigarettes, designed down to the smallest detail, do not require recharging or cartridge changes. The variety of flavors available on their website will satisfy diversified palates, ranging from traditional tobacco flavors to the exotic mango with ice for the daring.


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Room 702, Building 3 A, Tongtai Times Center, Tongtai Industrial Park building 3, Qiaotou community, Fuhai street, Baoan district, Shenzhen city.
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