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Maskking Ceemo Disposable Vape Review

Upload time:2023-12-28| Author:Maskking

Maskking Ceemo disposable vape is the latest addition to our lineup that redefines your vaping journey. With innovative features, Ceemo is designed to provide you with a vaping experience like never before.


Puffs: 5000

Battery Capacity: 600mAh (Type-C)

E-juice Capacity: 12ml

Nicotine: 2% & 5%

Resistance: 1.0Ω

Size: 80*44.4*21.4mm

Weight: 61g

maskking ceemo disposable vape.jpg


See Through the Visible Pod - Take Control for All the Time

The transparent cartridge of Ceemo disposable vape reveals the remaining liquid volume, empowering you with visibility and control. Witness the condition of your device at a glance, adding ease to your vaping experience.

Coil Oil Separation - Benefits from Two Aspects

Maintaining e-liquid freshness is the goal of our Coil Oil Separation Technology. Removing the silicone plug allows the liquid to fully infiltrate the coil, ensuring the best vaping experience. Additionally, this technology improves storage utilization, offering a visually pleasing alternative to traditional storage methods.

maskking ceemo.png

Fully Upgraded Mesh Coil - Combined with Patented Oil Storage Technology

Ceemo’s upgraded mesh coil delivers a fresher, stronger, and purer taste from the first to the last puff, providing an extreme vaping experience. The patented oil storage technology further enhances storage efficiency by 20%, reducing waste in every step of the process.



Ceemo takes flavor seriously, offering choices like crystal grape, cool mint, mango ice, orange ice, strawberry ice, pineapple ice, lychee ice, grape watermelon ice, strawberry mango ice, guava kiwi passion fruit, pink lemonade, lemon mint, fruit punch, apple grape, apple strawberry, blueberry sour raspberry, watermelon bubblegum, cherry ice, cherry peach lemonade, lemon lime.


Maskking welcomes you to explore the world of Ceemo. Embrace the fusion of technology and taste for an extraordinary vaping adventure.

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