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What is the Best Mint Vape Disposable?

Upload time:2023-02-13| Author:Maskking

Imagine taking a deep lungful of the crisp, refreshing air on a cool summer evening. The pleasant aroma of mint fills your senses as you inhale and exhale with each breath. Now imagine that same feeling but in a disposable vape!


Maskking disposable vapes are the perfect way to experience that same refreshing minty flavor without having to worry about buying a bulky device or worrying about refilling. The convenient design of these disposables makes them ideal for anyone looking for an easy and hassle-free way to enjoy their favorite flavors. Here are four of the best Maskking mint vape disposable flavors currently on the market:


1. Maskking High GT


The Maskking High GT mint disposable vape device is the perfect combination of slim and portable, offering up to 500 hits while providing an ideal blend between sweetness and fresh menthol. Neither flavor will be too overpowering or harsh on your taste buds as you puff away with nicotine strength that offers a soothing vaping experience like never before.


2. Maskking High Pro


Maskking High Pro flawlessly revived the beloved mint flavor. Offering a pure menthol tone combined with subtle sweeteners and a soothing, cooling sensation, it creates an incredibly balanced taste that can't be replicated elsewhere. As its most sought-after product in the entire High series, each pod contains 3.5mls of vape e-juice to provide over 1000 puffs for your vaping pleasure.


3. Maskking High GTS


Maskking High GTS delivers an unparalleled menthol experience that will refresh your senses instantly. From the first puffs, you'll taste a powerful icy storm rushing down your throat and leaving behind an intense cooling sensation. With 8.5ml of e-liquid capacity and over 2500 puffs per device, High GTS provides ample content for those looking to enjoy their vaping sessions on the go.


4. Super CC


Maskking's newest product, Super CC, offers a cool rush of mint that can be controlled for the perfect amount of menthol. Not only does it provide an icy delight to your mouth, but it also helps soothe irritation in your throat caused by nicotine. With an 8.5ml capacity and over 2500 puffs, this high-end vape is ideal for the summer.


Maskking disposable vape devices are the perfect choice for anyone looking to experience a refreshing mint flavor without having to worry about purchasing and refilling bulky devices. With four of the best flavors currently on the market, you'll surely find one that meets your vaping needs. 

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