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Best Disposable Vape Bundle

Upload time:2023-02-27| Author:Maskking

What’s your favorite e-juice flavor? For some people, the answer is clear—there’s that one flavor they will keep coming back to no matter what. But if you still can’t decide, you can finally discover your own favorite with a disposable vape bundle.

What you can expect from the best disposable vape bundles

·        A wide selection of flavors

E-cigarette bundles allow you to try flavors you’ve never experienced before and return to the ones you already know by heart. This way, you can find your favorite and have a much easier time deciding the next time you buy a vape.

Take a look at Maskking’s High-PRO MAX bundles, for example. This premium vape collection features 13 different flavors with 5% nicotine, including grape paradise, cool mint, mixed tobacco, strawberry lychee, banana ice, and more.

·        High-quality devices

There is not much difference between buying a regular vape and purchasing a bundle—the only difference is that you’ll be getting more flavors for your buck. In fact, the devices you get with a bundle are just as good as traditional vapes, made with high-quality products and filled with flavorful e-juice.

For example, Maskking’s High-PRO MAX bundle comes with an advanced device featuring 4.2 volts with a resistance of 1.7 ohms. Moreover, each vape has a total volume of 4.5 mL, allowing you to enjoy different flavors for weeks or possibly even months.

The High-PRO MAX device also has an ergonomically designed mouthpiece for a smoother, more satisfying vaping experience.

·        Thousands of puffs

Depending on your usage, it can take you months to run out of juice with Maskking’s vaping bundles. Each of the 13 flavors can last for up to 1500 puffs, perfect for users who are always on the go,

Plus, the High-PRO MAX battery has an 850 mAh capacity, lasting for hours and featuring a higher discharge efficiency with a more stable output.


Are you ready to explore a whole new world of flavor? Don’t hesitate to spoil yourself with a set of Maskking’s vape bundles! The company has been manufacturing e-cigarettes since 2003, ensuring that each vaping product is built with durable materials and filled with safe e-liquid. 

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