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Maskking Has Launched A New Anti-Counterfeiting Verification System

Upload time:2022-04-29| Author:Maskking

The Reason Maskking Updated The Anti-Counterfeit System

Maskking is a well-known global brand in the electronic cigarettes industry. Therefore, counterfeiters seek this as a business opportunity to produce fake Maskking products. These unauthentic products are easily defective and usually consist of illegal and harmful raw materials. To maintain the company’s reputation and protect the rights of our customers, Maskking has applied an advanced new verification system, including a Hologram anti-counterfeiting label and the latest website verification system.


New Anti-Counterfeit System Instructions


There are 3 types of anti-counterfeiting labels corresponding to the piece package, box package, and carton package. Please carefully check and scan the code according to your needs.


Following are the details for the piece package label:


1. 3.0 Dual-track Dynamic Technology

Sway the label under a light (mobile light or bright natural light). “Maskking” is shown in the middle of the octagon, and big characters “M” and “K” rotate in 360 degrees around it.


2. 3D Relief Effect

The “MK” logo on the upper right and the abstract clouds pole graphic below show a 3D relief effect.


3. Bright Golden MK Logo

The “MK” logo with golden laser effect can be seen by shaking the label.


4. “Yun” Code 2.0 Anti-Counterfeiting Verification

It adopts an irregular shape, which is composed of different dots, squares, lines, and other elements. Greatly improved confidentiality by code in code verification.


5. Micron Photorefractive pattern

Use a hundredfold magnifying glass to view the refracting anti-counterfeiting grain with the thickness of 8 microns in the middle of the right, and the “MK” logo pattern is hidden inside.


6. High Precision Micro Technology

Using a hundred times magnifying glass, you can see that there are small micro words on the octagonal frame, with the word height of 0.03-0.135mm.


7. Color Crystal Effect

There are two round spheres on the cigarette rod in the lower right corner. Shaking the label shows that there is a rainbow lattice effect inside.

8. “MK” Banknote Grade Special Anti-Counterfeiting Shading

The special anti-counterfeiting pattern is composed of the size and thickness of “MK” letters, which is made by professional anti-counterfeiting software and cannot be imitated.


9. Coarse and Fine Filtering Anti-Counterfeiting Grain

This anti-counterfeiting pattern adopts two-color butt-printing technology, and the pattern changes in thickness and shape.

10. Variable Microcosm

Carefully check the middle and upper part of the label, and a micro number can be seen, which changes corresponding to the “Yun” code. 


Scan The Security Code In A More Convenient Way 

You can see a whole irregular QR code on the new anti-counterfeit label, then you can use a QR code scanner from your phone or any compatible app to scan the package QR code. Once scanned, it will automatically direct you to www.maskkingvape.com, and show the “check result” interface where the MASKKING PRODUCTS VERIFICATION will inform you of the authenticity of your product, and you will know if the product you bought is fake or not.


New Packaging

We not only developed a new verification system but also updated our packaging design.

The new verification label and our social media information in packaging will help our customers verify our product more conveniently, and reach us directly across different platforms.


The new packaging design also offers an update on Nicotine percentage information. All of our nicotine percentages will be represented in mg/ml format, which helps establish a universal standard and eliminate potential confusion for consumers from different regions.


To Maskking Customers

By upgrading to a new anti-counterfeiting verification system, we hope our customers can avoid buying unauthentic products. To make sure you get original MASKKING products and protect your health and rights, we sincerely suggest our customers to verify their product’s authenticity after buying our products through www.maskkingvape.com.


Our old legacy labels can still be verified by the new verification system, but new labels will be placed on all new products released from now on. Please be aware of any fake products with the old version label. If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us at: www.maskkingvape.com 

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