Maskking is the new era of e-cigarettes in the world. Compact, handy and very easy to use devices, have won the sympathy of tens of thousands of people.

In 2015, Beijing Maskking International Trading Co.Ltd. was established in Beijing. It is an original brand manufacturer(OBM) engaged in R&D, production, sales and service. With a unique product line, distinct design and safety, and high-quality products, Maskking has become a well-known e-cigarette brand in China after years of development. A market leader in the industry Maskking has a high market share and a well-respected and popular reputation among consumers.


In 2018, Maskking decided to expand its existing business to overseas markets, with the rapid growth of the global e-cigarette industry. With the purpose of meeting changing market demands and implementing differentiated brand and marketing strategies for different regions and countries in the world, Maskking(Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd., was founded in May 2018, in Shenzhen. In the same year, an independent factory for overseas business was set up in the neighboring city of Dongguan, By January 2023 Maskking had more than 1,000 employees.


Maskking holds a very high share of the global disposable e-cigarette market due to its keen sense of the market, professional team, stable and high-quality products, and excellent service system. As a pioneer of the e-cigarette industry in China, Maskking has witnessed the changes and development of the industry. A stable growth period has now begun after eighty years of practice. By conducting thorough market studies, continuously improving products, and conducting customer research, Maskking has established a brand goal of providing smokers with "more convenient alternatives, a richer taste choice, and safer and more economical products.

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