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Banana Vape Disposable
  • PEN Y Vapes - Maskking

    Part of the Pen series, the Pen Y is inspired by nature and organic smooth shapes. Discreet and sophisticated, this is a disposable pen vape that can easily be carried everywhere.

    PEN Y Vapes2 - Maskking
  • PEN Y Vapes3 - Maskking
  • PEN X Vapes3 - Maskking
  • PEN X Vapes - Maskking

    Easy to Carry, Simple to Enjoy
    Part of the Pen series, the Pen X is inspired by modern architectural design, and is defined by elegance.

    PEN X Vapes2 - Maskking

Banana Ice Disposable Vape

  • Handy Mouthpiece

    PEN X and Y Vapes - Maskking

    Pen X and Pen Y series can provide over 600 puffs, you'll be fully content with the sensation of each inhalation.

    PEN X and Y Vapes2 - Maskking
  • PEN X and Y Vapes3 - Maskking
  • Advantages PEN X and Y Vapes3 - Maskking

    - The appearance is inspired by waving curves, representing a unique technological aesthetic;

    - Easy to use by draw-activation without button;

    - Blue lights in the bottom indicate the vape is working correctly;

    - 8 seconds timeout protection function for vaping;

    - Equipped with the child-resistant function;

    PEN X Vapes2 - Maskking
  • PEN X and Y Vapes3 - Maskking
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