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Crack Down on Counterfeits!

Crack Down on Counterfeits!

MK(Maskking) helped police destroy a counterfeit factory

At present, the case is still in further investigation.


On November 25th, MK/Maskking brand joint police in Dongguan city, Guangdong province, uncovered a low-quality commodities to selling counterfeit registered trademark, and destroyed the counterfeiting dens, they seized a large number of inferior packing, ejuice, batteries and other raw materials and the assembled products, the amount is still under further investigation to verify.


Counterfeits workshop environment

According to the revealing, this fake products company is called New ***** company, main suspect Zhang**, Wang** were already arrested by criminal detention. At present, the case is still in further investigation.


At the beginning of 2020, MK/Maskking brand received feedback from global customers, there were a number of knockoff MK High series products on the market in many countries.

According to the test results of MK, these fake products are mostly used inferior ejuice, excessive harmful substances, the batteries used are far away from the standard of official quality, poor experience of products, substandard hygiene, shorter battery life, the actual nic salt level does not tally with the packaging shown, etc... if use this product for a long term , it will bring great threat to one’s health.


At the same time, these counterfeit products are not only produced in dirty workshops, but also with false certificates such as anti-counterfeit verification codes to confuse consumers.


For this reason, MK/Maskking issued a special consumption warning this year, they will implement anti-counterfeiting strategy, install anti-counterfeiting system, and re-customize the packaging by adding anti-counterfeiting logo on the prominent part of the packages to remind consumers to stay away from fake products.


"The seizure of these fake products is just a beginning. As far as we know, there are still many fake commodities on the market. We have set up a special anti-counterfeit team and will continue to cooperate with the work of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau and the State Bureau of Quality Supervision to crack down on the production and sales of counterfeit goods." said principal of MK/Maskking.


It is known that the seized fake goods, packaged as the Russian version of MK (MASKKING), were mainly sold to the Russian market. According to the feedback from MK distributors in various countries, there are many fake MK products in Europe, United States, Middle East, Korea and other countries. Therewith, MK has set up a special anti-counterfeiting team to continue to cooperate with the police and the State Administration of Quality Supervision to destroy the counterfeiting dens and sales teams.


Fake Russian version of MK HIGH PRO

MK/Maskking reminds consumers that all the products sold in domestic and overseas channels of MK itmes have official authorization certificates. After purchase, the anti-counterfeiting verification code on the package can be scanned for authenticity. At the same time, warm remind consumers to buy in the authorized channels, cheap is the only advantage of fake products, please do not use unknown inferior products and become illegal profit-making tools and victims.

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