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Maskking Official Declaration, please note and be aware, thanks for all your supports.

Letter of Business Declaration

Due to the adverse influence reported from the market, We make a declaration as below:

As the original factory of MASKKING cannot meet the quality requirements of the brand, we hereby announce that MK(MASKKING) brand has upgraded the new product line with our new factory in 2020 (the cooperation with the original factory has been terminated), we apology for the problems and inconvenience due to the unqualified products, but surely we will help to solve the problem with all we could do.

Any factory who declares to be Maskking factory(or former factory of Maskking ), would not supply the authentic products by Maskking(MK) brand.

Anti-counterfeiting and Identify Authenticity, please verify our official security code on our products:


Maskking team 17th August 2020

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