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                      VAPE EXPO JAPAN MASKKINGブランド ニコチン事件について



日本ではニコチン含有電子タバコ製品の販売が許可されていないため、今回のVAPE EXPO JAPAN 2019で販売された製品にニコチンは入っておりません。

VAPE EXPO JAPAN 2019出展にあたり、日本語版のパッケージの製作を進めておりましたが、諸事情により間に合わず急遽、中国版パッケージを使用したことが原因でこのような誤解を招く結果となってしまいました。


VAPE EXPO JAPAN 2019期間中、商品の販売やサンプル配布を行う際には、パッケージに関してご説明いたします。



Maskking(SHENZHEN)Technology in vape expo japan 2019   ブースNo.J5F





A Letter of Clarification Regarding the Nicotine Incident of MASKKING Brand at Vape Expo Japan at Tokyo in 2019


First of all, I am very sorry for the unnecessary trouble caused to the customers, which led to the misunderstanding that we are distributing nicotine products. We apology again for the trouble.

The product series given out this time are HIGH the disposable e-cigarettes of MASKKING brand. We are very clear that e-cigarettes containing nicotine are not allowed to be sold in Japan, so the products brought in this time are all zero-nicotine. However, the packaging of the Japanese version was not completed on time due to some special reasons. Therefore, the package we brought this time is in Chinese with Japanese description sticker on the back of the package, which specially indicated that this product does not contain nicotine. (as shown in figure)

During the expo, we have communicated with each customer face to face when gave out the samples. This product does not contain nicotine, and the package is only for reference, but not as the final version. MASKKING promises to get tested if needed.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience we brought to you. MASKKING promises that we will independently produce packaging for the Japanese market and strictly abide by Japanese laws and regulations. We will take strict inspection of the  products, and strive for the best. 

HIGH products won a good reputation at the expo, and the smoke taste is excellent. Welcome to have a taste. The booth number of MASKKING is J5F.  


Maskking (shenzhen) Technology Co., LTD

May 25th, 2019


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