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Exhibition Invitation-- Vape show in Japan


Hello everybody, in March & April we have attended three vape shows in Brooklyn(USA), Cancun(Mexico) and Shenzhen(China). We have seen many new products in the market and they are all very good. People walked around to look for their proposal products, Exhibitors worked hard to introduce every point of their advantages. This is a contest between technology and emotion. And we are all full harvest. 
Now it's May, we are going to attend the vape show in Japan, Japan is a very beautiful country with very delicous food. Definately it's a nice place to hold a vape show and communicate with each others. Maskking will be there in:

Vape Expo Japan

Time: 23th-25th,May,2019

Maskking booth: J5F
Wish to see you in our booth, everyone  who comes to our booth has a nice present, exciting!!!日本展会宣传2.png

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